About Us

Prestige Shipping Services Pte Ltd., is a Ships Crewing Services provider established in the strategically located city state of Singapore in the year 2007 by Shipmanagement Professionals with extensive hands-on experience with leading Ship Management and Ship Owning companies. Our team members involved in the Crew Selection, Recruitment & Management have been upto date on the Industry Regulations & the new developments by way of upgradaing themselves through Training, Seminars & Conferences, they also actively participate in the Seminars hosted by our Ship Managers & Ship Owners. 

The senior managers of our company come with extensive experience in ship management and especially in the Crew Management sector of the Ship Management, we have been involved in Crew Management since early 1990s, while serving in various Ship Management companies managing almost all types of vessels, we have been involved in developing systems related to Recruitment, Performance Monitoring, Training, Crew Welfare, which are vital aspects of  Crew Management. Our expereicne and achievements make us second to none in the selection process leading to quality seafarers thus maintaining highest standards in Recruitment, Development & Management of Human Resources for Shipboard Operations. We work with our clients as Strategis Partners in developing needed Seafarers for managing their fleet of vessels in an efficient & cost effective manner.

Irrespective of size of the fleet/number of crew, every client will be assigned with a Crewing Manager/Coordinator, who will liaison with the Ship Manager/Owenrs’s office on the crew requirements prior to proposing the most suitable Seafarers for the required ranks, all such proposals of Seafarers will be sent out upon our interview process conducted by incorporating the needs of the requirements.

We operate on 24/7 basis to be able to serve all the vessels trading any side of the globe.

We are MLC 2006 compliant company and we have been certified by Maritime and Port Authority of  Singapore for providing Manning/Crewing services.

We are One Stop Solution for all Crew Matters.