Training & Feedback

We impart training for continuous improvement in the performacne and to bring in motivation in the Seafarers. Trained crew are crucial part of Ship Management, which we passionately attend to. Our approach to training is tri-pronged,

  • We screen and ensure that all the applicants are trained and qualified in accordance with STCW’95
  • The skills needed to meet the job requirements of the joining vessel are identified during the interview, most of which are client specific, which are covered through either and/or CBT, Pre-Joining Briefing, Specifically designed workshop sessions.
  • Trainign is carried out based on the feedback received from the vessels in the form of performance evaluation, which we use as a developmental tool rather than punishment tool, which leads to very open, free and fair form method of appraising the Seafarers performance leading to identifying the training needs for enhancing their perfromance, and very importantly the seafarers being appraised will acknowledge their shortcomings.

We have developed an effective tool to obtain the feedback from disembarked Seafarers through debrieifng, which helps us to ascertain the quality of overall operations onboard including quality of seafarers themselves, their overall satisfaction levels, food quality & quantity, their socail behaviour, their welfare activities & welfare amenities, team work, support from fellow seafaers, effectiveness of multinational crew, quality of interpesonal/inter-departmental communications, Seafaers' general health condition, training needs to enhance overall performance, etc. This helps us in providing necessary interventions which in turn helps us in developing the Seafarers and improving their retention rate.