Complete Crew Management Services

  • We provide manning for all types of vessels, Bulk Carriers, Container Carriers, Livestock Carriers, Crude, Product, Chemical & Gas Tankers
  • Our recruitment & selection system incorporates the Ship Manager’s/Owner’s special criteria, our emphasis in not only on the STCW'95 requirements but we also evaluate the seafarers through interview, based on their past experience, requirements of future assignment, and we pay special attention to the attitudes of the applicants.
  • We conduct thorough briefing to all our seafarers prior their joining to ensure that they understand the Owners'/Ship Managers'  expectations and the job requirements during their tenure onboard the vessel.
  • We provide in-house as well as source from outside training centres/institutions any specific Training needed for the Seafarers to meet the requirements of their vessel’s operations.
  • We use state of the art Crew Management System software which encompasses crew planning, crew Training needs, Performance monitoring, reporting, Medical Records & Health Monitoring, etc.
  • We make all the information related to the Seafarers on their vessels including crew previous experiences, performance appraisals, payrolls, allotments, etc. to our Principals as and when requested.
  • We pay special emphasis in briefing our seafarers for synchronizing their work-style to that of our Ship Managers/Owners, so that the onboard management and the shore management work in tandem for continued smooth operations.
  • We closely monitor the Seafarers’ visits to doctors while onboard, doctor’s reports are compiled and submitted to our company doctors in the field offices for assessment & evaluation at the time of next pre-employment medical examination, to ensure that the seafarerss chronic ailments are addressed & eliminated.
  • We develop individual pools of Seafarers for each principal and every efforts is put in to maintain separate pool of Seafarers for each principal
  • We manage complete crew matters including crew change planning, communicating crew change plans to the vessels & Principals, flag state license processing, payroll processing, allotment dispatch, accounting, victualling, arrangement of working gear, assist in compiling P & I claims, additional insurance for the Crew as and when required, processing ITF/IBF & local union agreements, crew air-travel, port agency fixtures,  etc.
  • We are totally transparent in our policies, approach, accounting and we settle payments to our suppliers promptly thereby maintaining most competitive prices from our service providers.
  • We ensure that there are no complaints from the crew with regard to allotments, food, working gear, etc. we maintain a welfare cell in every country, whose responsibilities are to monitor time to time the welfare of the families while the crew members are at sea.
  • We provide tailor made crew management services to suit our clients’ needs with options of multinational officers, single nationality officers and/or ratings or a mixture of both, based on the budgets & trade requirements.
  • We continuously delve possible ways to reduce costs and use of funds prudently & productively resulting overall crew cost reductions to our clients.
  • We assist onboard Management Team with payroll process, general accounting matters, advance crew change planning & proving advance information to vessel,  to minimize administrative work onbaord so that the officers’ skills are better utilized for ship’s operations and maintenace.
  • We are toally transparent  and completely flexible.
  • We have been able to maintain high retention rates of our seafarers with our hands-on & log experience in the business of Seafarers.
  • We take care of complete crew related matters as “One Stop Solution” relieving the Owners/Ship Managers of this burden and at the same time ensuring that our seafarers  are content in serving onboard the vessels of our Principals with high morale and productivity.