Individual Crew Contracts

  • We provide ad-hoc crewing for the vessels based on the Ship Manager/Owners individual vessel's needs through
  • We do realize the fact  that many a times there are shortages of quality Seafarers at the given time, at times like these we will always be at your door steps to assist with our services. Our officers/engineers assigned for such requirements are able to work with multi-national crew with ease.
  • When you try our services your will realize the efficiency and the ease with which we provide the required seafarers to meet your needs. This  is made easy for us by our systems, we follow a "90 day planner" for the crew requirements of our onboard personnel, we can move the Seafarers from one vessels/fleet to anotehr within givenvessel type/trade with ease thereby we can achieve the crew placements with short notice and ensure that the crew changes are effected from the planned most economical ports, saving big costs to the owenrs.

With the below basic vessel information we could source the right seafarers on time

  • Vessel's IMO number, Principal Particulars, Engines Particulars, Engine Room & Deck Machinery particulars.
  • P & Club details
  • Terms and conditions of the employment including the salary
  • Crew Complement & Nationalities of the Crew onbaord
  • Estimated date and port of crew change
  • Any other information pertaining to trade/operations area and/or special requirements of the job, which would assist us in plaving the right Seafarer onboard